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Perfect Developer can be used to produce code which perfectly implements We do not claim that the Perfect specification language itself is perfect. a precise specification.
Perfect Developer - Making software bugs extinct!

Using Escher Technologies' tools in teaching

Teaching formal methods of software development

Perfect Developer Free Edition makes modern formal methods easy to teach and enjoyable to learn.   

  • Provides easy-to-learn specification notation based on programming language constructs
  • Teaches fundamental concepts including preconditions, postconditions, loop invariants etc.
  • Lets students develop and run real Java or C++ programs from specifications
  • Supports object-oriented development using the Verified Design-by-Contract paradigm
  • Automated theorem prover to take the hard work out of verification

Teaching high-integrity embedded C development

For those teadhing high-integrity software development in C, Escher C Verifier Free Edition offers the following:

  • Supports Design-by-Contract programming in C
  • Automated theorem prover to verify the contracts and other soecifications
  • Checks more than 50% of the MISRA-C 2012 rules providing an introduction to MISRA-C without the need for additional tools
  • Partial support for C++ available

Both tools run on a choice of Windows or Linux platform.

Examples of how different universities have used our tools

Teaching materials for university staff

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