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“The ability of the theorem prover to identify problems in specifications is extremely valuable and leads directly to high-quality code.

John Warren
Chief Scientist
Precision Design Technology Ltd

Perfect Developer - Making software bugs extinct!

Fitting Perfect Developer into your development process

If you already have a mature development process, and you are looking to use Perfect Developer to improve it, rather than to replace it, this page shows you how to maximize your existing investment in software development tools.

If you use UML visual modelling tools...

You can continue to use these tools, at least for the initial modelling. Use use case diagrams supplemented by text to describe the requirements informally. Use class diagrams to describe the system architecture. However, when describing the data stored in each class, you should try to use the simplest possible abstract data model, making use of Perfect collection classes where appropriate. Export your model in XMI format, then import it into Perfect Developer to produce class skeletons automatically.

If you are not yet ready to rely on generated code...

You can start by using Perfect Developer to produce verified specifications only. Later you can go on to produce prototypes and verified designs as well. You don't have to switch to fully generated code until you are ready to do so.

If you have standardized on a particular programming language and compiler...

Perfect Developer generates code that is compatible with good C++ and Java compilers. If you wish to use Ada or some other language, you can continue to hand-write the final code. SPARK Ada code generation is under development (2010). On the other hand, if you are looking to switch to C++, Perfect Developer generates code that is far safer than hand-written code.

If your Quality Management System specifies tools for configuration management...

Perfect Developer source files are stored in plain text format, so any source code control system can manage them.

If you have a favourite text editor...

Unlike some development tools, Perfect Developer does not force its own editor on you, so you are free to continue using your current editor. We do recommend that you configure your editor to provide syntax highlighting for Perfect and we provide customization files for a number of popular editors.

For more detail, take a look at this step-by-step guide to software development.

If you have other questions about integrating Perfect Developer into your development process, please contact us.



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